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"Prompt and communicative..."

"...consummate professional..."

"...has always delivered a quality audio..."

"..raised the quality of my instructional videos"

"..produced a stellar product"

"I’d ask for her work again in a heartbeat."


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Jeannée Sacken, author of The Annie Hawkins Green Series

Nicole Swanson puts her heart and soul into the audiobooks she narrates, including all three books of award-winning The Annie Hawkins Series. Trained in voice at college, she researches and develops voices—including those speaking languages other than English—for entire casts of characters, giving each tremendous depth as well as a unique quality and tone that makes for great listening. The range of her voices is truly stunning. Perhaps what I love best about working with Nicole is that when I listen to her finished narration, every single character’s voice rings true—lyrical, raw, edgy, sarcastic, whatever the scene needs—to how I originally heard it when creating the novels.

(American Writing Awards 2022 Hawthorne Prize, 2021 Book of the Year (fiction), Best Women’s Fiction, Best Suspense)

Charmain Z. Brackett, author of Grace’s Augusta Mysteries Series

I’ve worked with Nicole on four projects now. And they haven’t been exactly easy.  One recurring character is from New Orleans and has a Cajun twang. Then, in one book, I had not one Russian character, but about five or more, which she pulled off like it was nothing. What makes Nicole a great narrator is she’s an actor first. She grasps characters and characterizations. I rarely have to ask her to tweak anything. She brings the full range of emotion to the characters too and makes their personalities shine through. The reviews we’ve gotten have been mainly to her credit in bringing the written word to life.

Craig Hart, Northern Lake Audio

Nicole Swanson is not only a talented narrator with an ear for in-depth character performance, but is also the consummate professional. Prompt and communicative, working with Nicole has been one of the highlights of my career. I look forward to completing many more projects with her in the future!

Nicole Martinez, Editor-In-Chief, Pelican Book Group

Nicole Swanson is a professional and a talent. She’s brought to life the characters in each book she’s narrated for us and has always delivered a quality audio.


Roger Speer, Roger Speer Creative

Nicole was easy to work with, and produced a stellar product that was on time, easy to access, and raised the quality of my instructional videos. I’d ask for her work again in a heartbeat.



J. Michael Collins, Professional Voice Actor, Demo Producer & Coach, JMC Demos

Nicole is a sparkplug of skill, range, energy, and quality who will light up any voiceover project. Dedicated to her craft, she digs deep to ensure that every read hits the mark, and won’t stop until you’re happy. Hire her. You’ll be happy you did!

Tyler Smith, Tyler Smith Voiceover

Nicole Swanson is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. She asked detailed questions about what I was hearing in my head, and absolutely nailed it. I look forward to working with her again!

Nicole Swanson On-Camera and Voice Actor


Nicole Swanson is enchanting like a summer storm. Her voice carries a warmth and charm informed by her Southern roots and experience as the mother of three amazing children. Nicole has the professional experience to deliver outstanding results, every time. With decades of experience as a working actor, she has a solid understanding of character development and a knack for accents. Nicole has worked as a director for both adult and youth theater productions and produced an original musical through the New York Musical Festival. Her work ethic, efficiency and creative drive are attributes which have contributed to her many successes.

In addition to her creative pursuits, Nicole worked as an occupational therapist for over 20 years, making her extremely comfortable with medical terminology. In her career as an OT, she worked with a wide range of individuals — from celebrities in LA to inmates at the Georgia Department of Corrections. Her experience building relationships with a wide variety of individuals gives her a unique perspective that helps her connect with a range of stories. She’s not afraid of a challenge — and takes on each new adventure with a generous spirit. Nicole brings you a sense of ease and comfort while always finding new ways to keep inspired. Grab your umbrella and step into her creative downpour.


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